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Fostering mutual understanding and furthering the development of  friendship and solidarity
between the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and African Nations...

African Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People was established June 30th, 1981 to foster mutual understanding and further the development of friendship and solidarity between the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and African nations.

The Committee represents the unanimous desire of all progressive people in the African continent to strengthen our resolve, friendship and solidarity with the brave and diligent people of Korea who are in the vanguard of the struggle to create a world free from all sorts of domination and subjugation.

In the world today, we see consistent maneuvers to tarnish the image of the peaceful and hardworking people of Korea by imperialistic forces determined to devalue the right of the people to operate a government of their choice. This unholy campaign is intended to create negative influences against socialist Korea in the minds of the masses and peoples of the African continent so as to pollute our collective understanding of the great achievements of the Nation.

We also see in the world today that the same imperialistic forces are at work maneuvering to turn the nations of Africa into new colonies with sundry financial baits designed to check forthwith the advances that the continent and its progressive forces have made towards national independence and continental self-reliance.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative for the peoples of continental Africa to further strengthen our friendship and solidarity with the Korean people who stand in the frontline of the global anti-imperialism struggle.

The Committee is proud to consolidate ties between the Korean people and the nations of continental Africa advancing through all kinds of difficulties and challenges while rejecting the interferences and pressures of all outside forces.

At present, being rallied closely behind their leader with firm belief in the victory of their own cause, the Korean peoples are creating astonishing miracles ever known in all fields such as politics, economy and national defense, thus gathering the admiration and praise from various parts of the world. We, in Africa, surely has a lot to learn from the audacity and sagacity of Korea. To this purpose is the Committee committed.

We regard it as our preferential mission to propagate the righteous struggle and the true face of Korea, and to heighten our common support and solidarity with each other to the attainment of freedom, justice, peace, progress and development for our mutual peoples.

Dr. Damian Uzoma Ogbonna
National Chairman of Peoples Progressive Party of Nigeria
Hessou Kohovi
Vice Chairman
Chairman of the reunion of ‘Long Live the General KIM JONG IL’ in Benin
Marwan Sudah
Vice Chairman
Chairman of Arab Committee for Solidarity with the Korean People and Reunification of Korea
Bonakele Majuba
Chairman of South Africa Association for Solidarity and Friendship with the Korean People
Secretary, Mpumalanga Provincial Committee of South Africa Communist Party
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